Beccalottadelicatessen (prophetspyder) wrote,

You're my backbone, Black Thunder.

I was checking my email and Ken has bought me a paid account, so I guess that is a hint. :D I'm going to try to make a post a week minimum and I've made a new friend list to read - if you're on it you'll know from my comments. If you have a new nickname or if you want to make sure you're on, comment. It's mostly just people I know IRL and from #rantradio/Counter-Strike, or people who amuse me, so don't be hurt. Anyways, THANKS KEN!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooo   how is everyone? I've just mostly been working, taking pictures, playing Pogo, and watching more TV than I care to admit. My PC is dead but our inheritance money from Grandma should be coming through in a few weeks and then I should be buying a new one. I took a week off in June and Mom, Dad and I went up to Campbell River and Parksville camping. Pictures soon, ok?

I'm sorry I haven't been around; this gift is perfect motivation for me to attempt to rekindle some important friendships. The ones I am really talking to have probably taken me off their friends list already but I'm still going to try. Justin, Jen, Sarah, Ken, Nate, etc.. I love you guys and I hope you can forgive me for just ignoring everyone for months.
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