Beccalottadelicatessen (prophetspyder) wrote,

Meet Gandolf


We went to the Pacific Northwest Raptor flight centre today and saw eagles, owls, falcons, hawks, and vultures.. so many photos, this is one i'm using in a contest on DPC .. i need to edit photos to enter in the Luxton fair, THEN I will post a bunch of the ones from today. this one is mediocre compared to most so YAY! yesterday we went to Witty's Lagoon and had the whole beach to ourselves pretty much, the day before that we went to the Metchosin fair (pics from that too).

sup wit u?
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You were at Metchosin Days and I didn't see you? That's surprising, given that the entire event is the size of a field.
i didnt see you!@!!@#!@#!#!# :( it was really fun though, it should be a whole weekend!