Beccalottadelicatessen (prophetspyder) wrote,

Sup bitches?
I am currently babysitting for an old co-worker and the kids are driving me crazy, making me fill water guns every 5 minutes and fighting with each other. 
I finally got a new PC.. it's pretty nice but I don't know the stats, got a 22inch LCD as well, so now I pwn bitches on CS like a motherfucker. I'm gonna get Team Fortress 2 and then ya'll will be sorry.
Dunno if I mentioned that I'm working at Coles bookstore, been there for 2 months or so.. although it's less pay and less hours, it is way more rewarding both in perks and in attitude of the managers. My boss was so worried about my co-worker having a bad day the other day that she called and made sure she was ok. Nice change after Western Foods where Laura doesn't give a crap about anything but the money in her pocket. 
We are STILL trying to find a new place to live. The people in the other half of the duplex spent all night partying then at 6:45 started pounding on the walls to wake us up. I'm getting really tired of the white trash bitches on Langford, personally.
Mike's head cashier at Home Depot and still enjoying it, I think. He is on holidays until the 30th, so I am sure he is at home  making love on WoW right now.

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